The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) designation is for practitioners who want to be recognized for their expertise and skills while defining standards and best practices for the industry.

Benefits of Becoming a CCXP

  • Validates credibility and expertise
  • Provides a framework for advancement
  • Increases marketability
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement

Understand the Steps to Certification

There are four phases to CCXP certification:

  1. Application and payment of exam fees
  2. Application acceptance
  3. Exam registration and successful completion
  4. CCXP credential use and maintenance

Determine Your Eligibility

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree plus three years of direct, full-time CX experience, or five years of direct, full-time CX experience if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. Both members and non-members are eligible.

Exam Fees

The CCXP certification costs $645. CXPA members receive a $150 discount on certification and pay only $495.

Preparing for the Exam

The Certified Customer Experience Professional exam is a 100-question test administered at convenient testing sites around the world. Eligible candidates should not need training or studying. CXPA members have access to a variety of resources centered around the six competencies in the exam. Learn more about preparing for and taking the exam.

Apply for Certification

Candidates whose education and experience satisfy the criteria may apply for the certification and have their candidacy evaluated by CXPA representatives.


“One of the things I love about the (CCXP) certification is the rigor associated with learning this particular craft, and that there are people around who are willing to teach and support the individuals who are evolving within this function. The certification has great cache because it tells people you’re not only a practiced practitioner of the function, but now you’re also a student of it. It’s an evolving learning because it doesn’t ever stop. You can always get better as a customer experience professional.”

Chris Rios, Blue Rock Search

“The CXPA is the standard in customer experience. This (CCXP) certification will show my clients that I’m familiar with the multiple domains of knowledge, and am familiar with the latest in best practices.”

Jim Tincher, CCXP

The Customer Experience Professionals Association is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices.

The CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field by providing research and education, developing standards, offering networking opportunities, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of customer experience.