Exam Format

The CCXP examination is a proctored, computer-based test (CBT), and due to the security measures required for a professional certification exam, candidates may not use their personal computers or laptops to take the exam.

Because it is critical that the CCXP certification is awarded only to qualified individuals, the testing protocol has been designed to help ensure a valid and secure examination outcome:

  • The CCXP Certification Exam is closed-book.
  • No reference material is allowed in the examination site.
  • No electronic devices for the storage, display, or transmission of data, such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, calculators, tape recorders, computers, or cameras are allowed in the examination site.
  • Candidates are absolutely prohibited from recording examination content in any format or medium.

Candidates who violate these rules will be asked to leave the site and may be disqualified from the exam as well as from future exams.  The examination, answer sheets, worksheets and/or any other exam-related materials remain the sole and exclusive property of CXPA.  These materials are confidential and are not available for review by any person or agency for any reason.

Currently, the certification examination is offered in English only, and the time limit is three hours.  When you finish the exam, you will receive your score and a printed or electronic pass/fail letter, which includes a diagnostic performance report, at the test site.  The diagnostic report is an especially useful aid if you fail the exam, because it provides an overview of performance on each test section.

A tutorial is provided at the beginning of the exam so that candidates can become familiar with the software before beginning the exam.  A demonstration of the software is also available as you prepare for the exam.

Exam Content

The CCXP examination is built around six competencies, each of which includes specific job tasks.  For these, key knowledge, skill, and ability areas were identified to serve as the basis for the exam questions.  This detailed information is provided in the Exam Blueprint.

The certification exam consists of 100 items.  All items are multiple-choice, with one correct answer and three incorrect options.

The score required to pass the examination is 80%.  This passing point was established according to accepted practices for standardized testing, and it reflects the difficulty of individual examination items, as well as the overall difficulty of the exam.

Read More Details About the CCXP Program in the Candidates’ Handbook.

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