Required Competencies

The content of the CCXP Certification Exam is based on an industry-wide job task analysis that was conducted by the CXPA in 2013. As part of this process, more than 150 customer experience professionals provided feedback on the importance of job tasks covering the scope of the CX profession. Six competencies for CX were identified through the results of this analysis, and each area is represented by 10 to 19 questions on the 100-question exam:

  1. Customer-Centric Culture
  2. Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
  3. Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  4. Customer Experience Strategy
  5. Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
  6. Metrics, Measurement, and ROI

Within each competency, specific job tasks and key knowledge, skill, and ability areas were identified to serve as the basis for the exam items.  More detail here.


Read More Details About the CCXP Program in the Candidates’ Handbook.

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