Authorized Resources & Trainings

For CCXP Candidate FAQs

Are the resources provided from the CXPA organization?  Who are the trainers?

The educational resources are provided through third parties and the trainers are individuals with deep knowledge and experience in the CX industry.  The CCXP Certification Board has reviewed and approved the applications AND CONTENT? of the authorized providers, to ensure that those studying for the exam will get an overall education about  the CCXP competency(ies) and not just a study guide for the exam.

What material does the training cover?

Our goal is to provide training opportunities through these providers that educate the attendee on the six competencies found on the exam.  Education sessions will cover best practices.  Please note that not all trainers will cover the same material and some may not cover all competencies.

Are there online and in-person training sessions?

There are various options available for training.  Depending on which training you select, material can be delivered as self-paced online training, instructor-led training, webinar, live online training, printed resources, or in other forms approved by the CCXP Certification Board.

What is the cost to attend training?

The authorized providers leading the courses determine the training prices, which may also vary depending on the courses you choose.

Where do I find a training schedule?

Please choose an authorized provider and click on the link to see the specifics about the courses offered.

Will the providers cover the exam questions? 

The exam questions will not be shared with the providers. They will address the competencies in their training.  The CXPA Certification board will review the content to ensure the competencies are covered and can help prepare you for the exam.

Education and learning are the key goals of the CXPA.  The exam demonstrates your understanding of your learning and experience in your CX career.  The ART program is intended to help match you to resources that can assist you in learning more about a competency and accelerate your career.

Read More Details About the CCXP Program in the Candidates’ Handbook.

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